BLTC aims to expand to our professionals their skills in the business context focused on a range courses with specific vocabulary for the business world and foster fluency across range of professional situations, as well:
To be the voice for the business and professional language training industry;
To provide a “one stop shop” for clients;
To provide a professional support to our clients;
To improve high quality standards across the industries;
To create professional bridges through development of linguistics competence of the organizations and their employees;
To implement the newest and modern teaching methods and techniques


Combining unparalleled experience and capabilities across all industries, Business Language Training Center creates professional bridges through development of the linguistics competence of the organizations and their employees. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our courses offering various programs for professionals who are looking to improve their knowledge in Business English, General English and English for Executives, Business German, Business Russian and Business Romanian as it is used in the working world. Our courses give the opportunity to focus on vocabulary bank specific to your industry through highly quality, tailored tutoring programs.


Business English Course;
General English Course;
English for Executives;
Business German Course;
Business Romanian Course;
Business Russian Course;
English for children;
Preparation for exam TOEFL and IELTS


Our clients are professionals from a wide range of industries, individuals, private and government companies, agencies, institutions and communities, ministries and government departments, who strive to excel and develop their business skills and abilities.


Diagnose – The BLTC programs are designed in accordance with the companies’ and individuals’ specific needs.
Program highlights – The courses are delivered by highly experienced teachers, they encourage skills of communication, listening and reading in common situation, where business professionals find themselves in the context of language. They guide the participants in accurate use of language for general and business purposes.
Onsite – Our teachers diagnose the language level of proficiency at our Center or they come directly to your company, offering the most appropriate format and learning platforms to design the program. BLTC Center available for all interested individuals and business professionals.
Certificates awarded – all successful participants will receive an official certificate of completion approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova.

What Makes Us Different?

We are active professionals in Business Language Training industry. The quality comes first. The expertise, training and experience of our teachers put quality and excellence at the heart of our organization. The benefits are designed to build professional skills and abilities, innovate, challenge and equip with liberating confidence, making you a successful professional.



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