English for Legal Professionals

The course is led by experienced and certified teachers who focus on:
Legal Vocabulary
Drafting skills
Communicating complex idea in understandable language
The language used for meetings and negotiations.


More confidence explaining points of law under your company

More effective and accomplished representation for your company

Greater awareness of how to correct your own use of legal English

Enhanced editing and drafting skills

Improved presentation and negotiation skills when using legal English

Who should attend?

The course is aimed for qualified legal professionals and legal students who wish to improve their English in legal context in order to function more effectively.

Course content

English for Legal Professionals course content will be determined by each participant’s level, requirements and objectives. However, core subject areas for Legal English course will include:
The accurate and appropriate use of vocabulary specific to your practice area or industry
communication skills for: client advising, giving legal opinions, attending international client or practice group meetings and participating in teleconferences
Drafting clear opinions, memos or agreements relevant to your practice areas and incorporating appropriate house styles


We offer a variety of training formats for English for Legal Professionals course – from intensive courses to extensive, modular lessons. Appropriate formats will be discussed during your diagnostic consultancy. Suitable materials will be used throughout the course, with recommendations on self-study material and extra reading made at the beginning and throughout the duration of entire course.



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