Hospitality & Tourism


The course focuses on the communication needs of those working in the hotel and tourism industries.
Participants will develop confidence and fluency in English when interacting with customers. Also, they will be given the opportunity to learn and practice structures and vocabularies used in the industry, and develop a practical understanding of working in tourism and hospitality.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for anyone but in particular ideal for:
Hotel employees: waiters, waitresses, bartenders, receptionists, floor supervisors, etc.
Travel Agencies: operators, managers, etc.

Course content

English for Hospitality and Tourism will be determined by group level and company requirements. However, the subject areas for course will include:
Orientation program – focused on knowledge and skills in differing contexts based on the candidate’s own experience, vocational context or personal interests;
Interactive questions and discussion;
Other tasks, depending on curriculum and level, may include workplace interpretation, telephone or interviewing skills, current affairs, debate, social interaction, etc.


English for Hospitality and Tourism can be the focus for a short course or to complement, supporting the qualifications, skills of English vocabulary according to each level and application. The most appropriate formats and learning platforms will be discussed during the diagnostic consultancy.



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