Ability to demonstrate a greater understanding and accurate use of IT language skills;
More confidence in using programs and techniques;
Ability to draft clearer and concise works, such as website, web design, content etc.

Who should attend?

English for IT course is ideal for professionals working in an IT industry where English has become the required language tool. The course will help professionals who use computers in area such as:
Technical support;
Computer engineering;
Software design;
Web design;
Computer security;
Network administration, etc.

Course content

English for IT course is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients that will be determined by Company requirements for existing skills set and objectives. However the course will include:
English for Software (operating systems);
English for Hardware (computer types, components, storage & memory);
Basic networking;
Programs, etc.


The course will be available and upon client’s request. It covers a wide range of IT topics, authentic texts, visual materials, computing magazines etc., with recommendations on self-study material and extra reading made throughout the duration of the course.



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